Monday, September 13, 2010

New Rehearsal Space

The season opener concert for my tenth season here in Cincinnati with Catacoustic is this week. The harpsichordist for the program, John Austin Clark, just arrived for our intense week of preparation for this program. Incidentally, I have a new home, where rehearsals are taking place. A big part of the reason that I got the house is for Catacoustic to have a home and to have space to make music. I don't know why, but I often find that every time I move, I am extra motivated to practice in my new space. I am enjoying playing in various rooms in the house. Today's rehearsals were extra exciting. I have spoken with other musicians who have similar experiences with new homes. I am looking forward to an early start tomorrow morning in my new music room!

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FO said...

Congrats on getting in by fall, see you Saturday,
Fred Orth