Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Catacoustic's Tenth Season: Where do we go from here?

An excerpt from Saturday's program:
I was asked this week in an interview for CityBeat how Catacoustic has changed throughout the first ten years. Interesting question… I started Catacoustic to have a musical outlet here at my new Cincinnati home and to continue learning. I have seen musicians make deep friendships here and careers take off. I have developed friendships with many in my audience, and I never expected to fall in love with an audience. Never before have I played concerts with such a warm feeling coming from the audience! We have had a real variety of musical styles in our series – from English Renaissance tunes from Shakespeare’s time to French Baroque opera. What a musical journey! Catacoustic has changed in many ways that I have personally changed – all a journey in life.
Part of the next stage of focus is to develop more professional early music performers here in Cincinnati. What a joy to have Youngmi Aria Kim in today’s performance! We have all seen her blossom in our concerts! I am pleased to have my former student-turned-colleague Micah Fusselman playing today, as well. The addition of the Baroque harp to Catacoustic’s instrument collection (currently consisting of the harpsichord in today’s concert and eight rental viols – one played by Micah) will give a huge boost to Cincinnati’s early music scene, as well as the national early music scene. Cincinnati professional harpist, Elizabeth Motter, has committed to learning this instrument and has already attended the Amherst Historical Harp Workshop to study. Bringing in the best players in the world and developing the next generation is the way of the future, and I am excited to be part of this continued voyage. Thank you for being here for today’s concert to celebrate our own musical past, present, and future.

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