Monday, February 15, 2016

Early Music Festival Week 3

Tuesday Feb 16, noon.  Christ Church’s Music Live at Lunch series continues with a recital by the students in Michael Unger’s harpsichord and organ studio at CCM. Some very gifted keyboardists will tackle a wide range of music from the 17th and 18th centuries. Downtown, free.

Wednesday Feb 17, 7:30. Vicars Choral arrived last year with a spectacular event: an entire Mass by Morales, sung a cappella, in Old St. Mary’s in Over-the-Rhine. This year they are returning with an expanded ensemble (including women!) to sing music from the Marian traditions from all over Europe. From Dufay in the 15th century to Hassler in the 17th, from Victoria in Spain to Tallis in England, and everywhere in between -- this will be tour through both time and space! Word is the most perfect acoustical experience will be about a third of the way back. Did you know that Old St Mary’s was built by its parishioners who made the bricks by hand and baked them in their own ovens? Hearing this music in this space is more than worth the trip downtown. Over-the-Rhine, free.

Saturday Feb 20, 4:00. Cantantes Camarae is a perennial favorite for this Festival. A small vocal ensemble, they specialize in popular music of the Renaissance, with a fondness for tavern songs, love songs, and scandalous tales. This year expect English song, with lute accompaniment. Pleasant Ridge, free.

Sunday Feb 21, 3:00. If you haven’t made it to the Great Choir Concerts in past years, you owe it to yourself to get there this year. The acoustics in St Peter in Chains are perfect for the soaring open harmonies so beloved in the Renaissance. Choirs of all ages from around the city bring their best to music from several centuries. Downtown, free.

Sunday Feb 21, 8:00. It’s Classical Revolution time! We don’t just bring classical music to the people, we bring early music to the people! Expect all manner of bands, with lutes and crumhorns, hurdy-gurdies and recorders, singers and players alike. Good company, good drinks, and good music – what better way to prepare yourself for another week? Northside, free.

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