Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cincinnati Early Music Festival Week One

Week One of the Cincinnati Early Music Festival has four events lined up, and it’s an interestingly diverse bunch.

Saturday Feb 1, our opening night, will present the very earliest music we’ll hear this month.  The vocal group Cantigium, under the direction of Scot Buzza, will perform early early music, some from the period when Gregorian chant was just starting to evolve into polyphony, when  Pérotin, composing for the choirs of Notre Dame de Paris in the 1100s, was stirring the musical pot pretty thoroughly.  In his piece we can hear the original chant, surrounded by parallel harmonic lines, a startling innovation for his time.  And from an anonymous scrap of music from Spain, we will hear the earliest surviving example of three-voice polyphony.

From there the program will wander freely around the Continent, sampling the music of the transitional centuries of the 12-, 13-, and 1400s.  We’ll hear music from German morality plays, songs of the Crusades, English rounds, Moorish-Andalusian influenced songs of the Virgin Mary from Galicia, Italian love epics (and, no, that song about the dying swan isn’t actually about an injured waterfowl AT ALL, but since it’s in medieval Italian it can be sung in polite company.)  The program wraps up with a set of Josquin, one of the greatest composers of the 15th century.  

The program takes place at the Bellarmine Chapel at Xavier University at 7:30, and is free to the public.  Event parking should be free and easy that night.   For a parking map of Xavier, click here:
Saturday Feb 1, 7:30pm, Bellarmine Chapel, Xavier University, free

Then we have three programs of Baroque music, also wandering freely around the Continent.  CSO bassist James Lambert, on viola da gamba, will headline a recital of music from the German Baroque.   Joining him on stage is CCM Professor of Guitar and Lute Rod Stucky and cellist Colin Lambert.  They will perform works by Telemann, Lidl, Kühnel, and Schenk.  This program is presented as part of the Music in the Chapel concert series at the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer in Hyde Park.

Sunday Feb 2, 3:00pm, Episcopal Church of the Redeemer, Hyde Park, free.

Ubi Caritas, Band of the Baroque, will play for the Taft Museum Chamber Music Series.  They will present music of Venice:  Marini, Marcello, Selma y Salaverde, Turini, Bertoli, Vivaldi, Ziani, and Castello.  Performing will be Amanda Carmen Bower, soprano, Richard Arnest, flutes and recorders, Loren Berzsenyi, oboe, Lauren Piccirillo, bassoon, Michael Unger, keyboards, and Jennifer Jill Araya, violoncello.  

Sunday Feb 2, 2:30pm, Taft Museum of Art, downtown, free


And on Tuesday February 4 the Noyse Merchants will play during Christ Church Cathedral’s Music Live at Lunch Series.  This program will consist of music of Spain from the Renaissance and Baroque eras.  Performers Tina Gutierrez, Bill Willits, and Alice Nutter will play Renaissance guitar, Baroque guitar, lute,viola da mano, viola da gamba, and vielle.  They will be joined by mezzo-soprano Melisa Bonetti.

Tuesday Feb 4, 12 noon, Christ Church Cathedral, downtown, free

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